The PMA06 conference will take place in Beijing, China, at the  Beijing Friendship Hotel.

        This four star Hotel is located (here) in the Haidian district, in the West part of the city. Shuttle line number 4 provides buses with regular departures from the airport to the Friendship Hotel (about 20 RMB). As the hotel is quite large, visitors can use this map to navigate.



        Beijing is the center for culture, science, communication, and many other aspects of Chinese life. The capital of China is now a modern metropolitan city with a rich cultural heritage, from royal palaces and traditional monuments, of which the most famous are the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, to the popular Hutongs and Beijing Opera. Beijing is also a model of Chinese people's life and is the gateway to other parts of China.

       Agriculture-, Forestry- and Environmental- Sciences are very important issues in China. More than 30 universities in the Mainland of China are dedicated to Agriculture or Forestry, some of which are situated in the Beijing area. In this setting, development and application of Plant Growth Models and Visualization tools have become increasingly important. PMA06 also provides opportunities for the increasing number of Chinese researchers active in these fields, to enter the international community.