1- Analysis of Plant and Ecosystem Architecture

Keywords: Methodologies and techniques for plant sampling; Description and analysis of root and aerial architecture; Description and analysis of ecosystem components; Encoding of plant topology; Fractal analysis; Specific spatial statistics

2- Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Plant Growth

 Keywords: New mathematical and modeling methods, Analytical, stochastic; empirical; fractal models; Automation models; L-systems; Process based models; Structural functional models; Modeling plant-environment interactions; Modeling adaptation of plants/trees to abiotic constraints (multi-physical models, biomechanical models); Simulation techniques and software

3- Modeling and Simulation of Plant Community, Landscape and Ecosystems

Keywords: Scaling issues; Increasing simulation efficiency (code optimization techniques, parallelization, model simplification); Modeling of plant growth competition; Crop and forest models; Application to forest and crop production and quality; Application to ecology, eco-engineering and land use; Digital agriculture; Digital forestry

4- Calibration, Optimization, Optimal control and Limit State Analysis

Keywords: Model calibration techniques; Theoretical analysis of model behavior; Optimal control for plant/tree growth and production (resource uptake, production, allocation, etc.); Sensitivity analysis; Uncertainty quantification; Analysis and model comparison

5- Theory and Techniques for Plant and Landscape Visualization

Keywords: Visualization of plant structures and plant functions; Visualization of trees at single, stand, and landscape scales; Realistic and interactive representation of plants and their environment; Application of plant visualization to agricultural and forestry management; Integration with GIS, RS, GPS; Virtual reality; Video games.