Chinese Agricultural University  

        2003' International Symposium on

Plant growth Modeling, simulation, visualization and their Applications

       October 13-16, 2003.  Beijing (P.R.China)


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LIAMA. Dec. 2002

TUTORIAL SESSION.     Updated Program

Tutorial Session is limited to 50 people (Monday, Oct.13, 2003)
     Contributors : Zhan Zhigang, Zhao Xing, Zhang Baogui and De Reffye Philippe

    I. The simulation of organogenesis of plant architecture.
I.1. Principles. Botanical backgrounds and mathematical basis.
I.2. The structural model. The dual scale automaton.
I.3. Plant architecture Simulation. The simulation of architectural models. Examples.
I.4. The VisualPlant Software. Examples, demonstrations and practice.
    II. Modelling the growth of cultivated plants based on the source-sink relationships.
II.1 Introduction to the GreenLab structural- functional model. Background and basis.
II.2. Model calibration under optimal conditions. From Principles and data acquisition to CornerFit software Tool
II. 3. Model applications to cultivated plants. Examples on Sunflower, maize, winter wheat.
II. 4 Practice session.  Growth simulating of single-stem plants. Model calibration by using real data and simulated data.
Both Courses do include botanical, eco-physiological and mathematical basis relevant for these sessions

Material supplied: a CD is available for every registered participant, which contains: the tutorial slide supports ; the application softwares VisualPlant and CornerFit for Windows NT/2000 with their user's manuals and example data sets;  a collection of references.
Tutorial Chair
          Philippe de Reffye (CIRAD/INRIA, France)
          Baogui Zhang (CAU, China)
Tutorial registration

        Participation in the tutorial session implies extrafee
         It includes tutorial attendance, CD support, lunch and dinner (Oct. 13)
             Early tutorial registration:  50 Euros  (50  US$)
             Full tutorial registration:    80 Euros  (80 US$)
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