PMA'12 special issue
Dear corresponding authors,

   We hope you enjoyed your stay in Shanghai and PMA’12 has been a nice experience for you.

   To remind, as announced at the closing ceremony, all accepted papers of PMA’12 are potentially applicable to the special issue in “Ecological Modeling”, as long as:

   1) At least 70% of the content is different from the proceeding paper published in IEEE;
   2) Paper to be submitted to the special issue is related to your work presented in PMA’12.

   Please note that the deadline of submission is 28 Feb. 2013.

   Additional informations (templates, guide for authors, aims and scopes, … ) are avalaible on Ecological Modelling website :

   To submit a paper you have to follow the standard procedure from Elsevier, except that at the first stage, “Choose article type”, you need to select “Special issue of PMA’12”.

   If you need further information or you encounter difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

   PMA’12 organizers
   Kang MengZhen (
   Dumont Yves (

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