Call for Papers
PMA'12 Call for Papers
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 2012 IEEE 4th International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications , will be held at ShangHai (China), 31 October -3 November, 2012.

Contributions for oral communications and posters in the field of Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications are welcome (including, but not limited to).

  1. Concepts and Hypotheses in Plant Modeling
    Keywords: Sink-Source Regulation, Linking Aerial and Belowground Compartments, Plant Competition, Plasticity, Branch Autonomy, Hormone Control, Development Pattern, Acclimatization to Climate Change.
  2. Plant System Modeling
    Keywords: Functional-Structural Plant Model (FSPM), Process-Based Model (PBM), Empirical Models, Root Modeling, Plant Architecture Modeling, Photosynthesis (Carbon Assimilation) Modeling, Forest Growth Models, Crop Models, Dynamic Model, Multiscale Modeling, Plant Biomechanics, Organogenesis Model, Resource Acquisition and Allocation, Plantcommunity.
  3. Plant-Environment Interaction/Feedback Modeling
    Keywords: Light, Water, Soil, Plant Nutrition, Temperature, Wind, Pest, Pathogens, Drought, Climate Change, Virtual Environment, Plant Disease, Plant-Insect Interactions, Pest Attack, Plant Growth Perturbation, Controlled Environment, Biophysical Processes Interactions, Phytoclimate, Realistic and Interactive Representation of Plants and Their Environment, Experiment (e.g. Pruning).
  4. Data Acquisition and Application of Plant Models in Agronomy/Forestry/Horticulture
    Keywords: Encoding of Plant Topology, 3D Reconstruction of Plant Architecture, LIDAR, Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, Functional Landscape, Interaction, Sampling Strategies, Morphological Ideotype Traits, Plant Identification, Plant Architecture, Pruning, Thinning, Harvesting, Forest Management, Digital Agriculture, Digital Forestry.
  5. Mathematical Plant Modeling and Computational Methods
    Keywords: Model Calibration, Model Verification/Validation, Identifiability, Data Assimilation, Optimal Control (Resource Uptake, Production, Allocation, etc.), Filtering Technique, Parameter Optimization, Inverse Method, Scenario Simulation, Sensitivity Analysis, Scaling Issue, Model Analysis, Discrete Model, Continuous Model, Stochastic Model, Model Comparison.
  6. Plant and Landscape Visualization
    Keywords: Visualization of Plant Structure and Plant Functioning, Visualization of Plants at Single/Stand/Landscape Scales, Realistic and Interactive Representation of Plants and Their Environment, Application of Plant Visualization to Agricultural and Forestry Management, Forest Scene with High Complexity, Texture Synthesis, Virtual Reality, Video Games.
  7. System Simulation and Implementation
    Keywords: High Performance Computation, GPU, L-System, Automaton, Fractal, Platform, Ontology, Algorithm, Parallel Computation, Collaborative Programming, Software Interactivity, Code Optimization.

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