Main Organizations
CASIA Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences:
    -LIAMA (the Sino-French Laboratory in Computer Sciences, Control and Applied mathematics): GreenLab project.
    -CompSys (State Key Laboratory of Management and Control for Complex Systems).

CIRAD the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development:
    -AMAP, Botany and Computational Plant Architecture.

CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology:
    -PICB, Partner Institute for Computational Biology.

General Co-Chairs:
 MengZhen Kang  Yves Dumont
    LIAMA & CompSys, CASIA, China.     CIRAD, Umr AMAP, France.

Program Co-Chairs:
 Yan Guo  XinGuang Zhu
    ViSCS Laboratory, CAU, China.     CAS-MPG, PICB, China.

Organization Committee:
 HongXia Zhao  Fenny Xue
    CompSys, CASIA, China.     CAS-MPG, PICB, China.
 XueJing Li  YuJing Sun
    CompSys, CASIA, China.     CAS-MPG, PICB, China.
 HaoYu Wang  XiuJuan Wang
    LIAMA, CASIA, China.     CompSys, CASIA, China.

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