PMA09: The Third International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications - Beijing (CHINA), Nov. 09-13, 2009



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Symposium Organization.

    PMA09 Organizers
    - CAU the China Agricultural University : ViSCS laboratory
    - CIRAD the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development : AMAP Laboratory

    PMA09 Co-Organizers
    - INRIA the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control : DigiPlante, a project from INRIA Saclay Unit
    - LIAMA, the Sino-French Laboratory in Computer Sciences, Control and Applied mathematics : GreenLab project

    Main Chair
    - Prof. Baoguo LI, CAU, China
    - Dr Marc JAEGER, INRIA/CIRAD, France

    Program Chair
    - Dr Xiaopeng ZHANG, LIAMA/CASIA-NLPR, China
    - Prof. Yan GUO, CAU, China

    Publication Chair
    - Prof. Yan GUO, CAU, China
    - Dr Thierry FOURCAUD, CIRAD, France
    - Dr Xiaopeng ZHANG, LIAMA/CASIA-NLPR, China

    Tutorial Chair
    - Dr Ep Heuvelink, Wageningen University, Netherlands

    Organization Chair
    - Prof. Yan GUO, CAU, China

    Registration Chair
    - Dr Yuntao MA, CAU, China

    Local Organization
    - Bangyou ZHENG, CAU, China

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